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Devine Destiny Collection

A trio of essential oil blends created to work synergistically as an aromatic companion to your self-development journey of discovery and enlightenment. Formulated to help heighten spiritual awareness and empower your inner self by blocking out distractions, words, and programing that keep you from discovering the truth of who you are.

White Angelica

Has a nurturing aroma to encourage moments of protection and positivity when in the midst of a chaotic environment or the negativity of others.

Feelings Kit Collection

Inspire feelings of emotional well-being and provide the foundation for encouraging forgiveness and identifying oneself. Oil blends featured in this collection are designed to help promote personal progression.

Raindrop Technique Collection

Bring balance and harmony to the body by combining targeted energy approaches. Creates an atmosphere of spirituality and serenity. Self vitaflexing on your feet weekly creates a supportive companion technique to monthly Raindrop Technique sessions.

Freedom Sleep and Release Bundle

Live the life you choose, feeling empowered, inspired, connected and at peace. Freedom Sleep to re-establish positive energy flow relaxing the body and mind. Freedom Release to elevate the mind releasing negative emotions and promoting forgiveness-- to attract love and joy.

Higher Unity

Inspire personal focus and spiritual balance. Higher Unity is crafted to evoke feelings of openness and unity with oneself and others-- in purpose and thought.

Frankincense Resin

Frankincense Resin for use in a burner for air cleansing and spiritual enlightenment.

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